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Nursery Unit

­Welcome to our Nursery Unit!

Wheatfield Nursery Unit provides 26 full time places with dinner to children in their pre-school year. The nursery unit is staffed by a Nursery Teacher and Nursery Assistant.

The nursery day is from 8.45am to 1.15pm

The nursery operates as an integral and important part of the school and shares the school’s ethos of care and support for children.

Accommodation comprises of a large attractive playroom, a quiet room and a secure outdoor play area solely for the use of the nursery children.

The children enjoy a wide variety of indoor and outdoor play based activities through which they have the opportunity to develop a range of skills and capabilities.

All facilities of Wheatfield Primary School are available to the nursery unit. This enables the children to become acquainted with the primary school teachers and the environment

  • Mrs A Whiteside

    Nursery Teacher

  • Mrs G Hunter

    Nursery Assistant

Topics This Year

Nursery Topics


Topic: Myself
Colour: Blue
Shape: Circle


Topic: The Senses
Colour: Pink
Shape: Heart


Topic: Autumn
Colour: Brown / Orange
Shape: Circle / Square


Topic: Spring & Plant growth
Colour: Green
Shape: Oval


Topic: Autumn & Transport
Colour: Red
Shape: Square


Topic: Air & Wind
Colour: Yellow
Shape: Triangle


Topic: Christmas & Winter
Colour: Silver & Gold
Shape: Star


Topic: Farm Animals
Colour: Purple
Shape: Sphere & Cube


Topic: Cold climates & Fairy Tales
Colour: Black & White
Shape: Rectangle


Topic: Summer & The Sea
Colour: Rainbox
Shape: Cone & Pyramid


Topics may change according to the interests and needs of the children.