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Primary 1

In Primary One there is one teacher with two fantastic classroom assistants.

We would like to welcome all of our new Primary Ones to Wheatfield and hope they settle into school life quickly!

We aim to provide a learning environment that is stimulating and challenging that offers a wide range of opportunities for children to learn, grow and develop as little people!

We believe that parent partnership with school staff is a vital aspect of your child's education and this is greatly valued in Wheatfield. We would like to thank parents for your support in these early days of P1. We want your child to feel safe and happy and to enjoy learning. We also want you, as a parent to feel welcome and part of our school family. Please feel free to make an appointment to come and talk with us about anything concerning your child’s welfare or education.

  • Mrs G McKittrick

    Primary 4 Teacher

  • Mrs E Elliott

    Primary 1 Assistant

  • Mrs S Cunningham

    Primary 1 Assistant

Topics This Year

  • Marvellous Me
  • Fairytales
  • Whizzing Wheels
  • The Farm
  • Under the Sea
  • The Jungle

In the Foundation Stage children learn in a more informal way. We place strong emphasis on active learning, where children are engaged in hands-on activities.

P1 is an exciting time for discovery and learning! We have so much fun in our classrooms! Our lessons are very interactive and we have lots of new and exciting toys to play with. 

P1 children come to school in small groups to allow them to get to know the teacher quickly and so that the teacher can get to know them too. It helps children to feel more comfortable and less overwhelmed in new surroundings too!

A Few Reminders

What to bring to school

Your child will need to bring the following things to school:

  • School bag (provided by school)
  • Lunch box (If your child is bringing a lunch from home)
  • PE slippers (named and in a PE bag)

Please label anything that your child brings to school 

Routines in P1  

To encourage independence in these early days we would like to remind parents to leave their children lined up outside the classroom door. This will help the children settle into the daily routines of school life and avoids a traffic jam in the small corridor.

If you wish to speak to the teacher at any point please write or phone the class teacher to arrange an appointment.

Break and Dinner Money

We ask parents to send a healthy snack to school each day e.g. fruit, yoghurts, crackers, cheese etc.

Milk is £1 per week and milk money is collected on Wednesday mornings to pay in advance for the next week’s milk order.

Children stay in school for lunch from the end of September.

School dinners currently cost £2.60 per day. Dinner money is collected on Monday mornings.

If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals please ask Mrs McDonald at reception for a form to complete.

Useful information

Library Day - Every Friday (after Halloween). Please remember to return books on a Monday. 

P.E. days - Monday & Friday (please make sure your child has a named pair of slippers for P.E.

ICT Time - Thursday (after Halloween)

P7 Buddies - Every P1 has a P7 Buddy as a friend and an example for starting school. Buddies come to visit P1 regularly for paired reading and play.


Children will not start to get reading homework’s until November or once they are ready. Please do not be concerned if your child does not begin to take reading books home immediately, every child develops at their own pace.

Reading books will reinforce learning that is taking place in school. Children will also bring home a library book each week. Please read and enjoy reading these books with your children each.