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Primary 3

Welcome to Primary 3

In Primary Three the class teacher is Mrs Batchelor

We would like to welcome you all to Primary Three.

We aim to continue to provide a learning environment which offers a wide range of engaging and challenging opportunities to help children to continue to reach their full potential.

We want your child to feel safe and happy and for you as a parent to feel welcome and part of our school family.

We believe that parent partnership with school staff is a vital aspect of your child’s education and this is greatly valued in Wheatfield.  Please feel free to make an appointment to come and talk with us about anything concerning your child’s welfare or education.

  • Mrs K Batchelor

    Primary 7 Teacher

Topics This Year

Safe and Sound - The children learn about how to stay safe on the roads, at home and at school.  They enjoy showing their road safety skills.  The children learn bout 'Light' and how it keeps us safe.   They will study how other animals keep 'safe and sound'.

Let's Celebrate - They enjoy learning their roles for the school Nativity play and performing for their parents.

Other ways that people celebrate throughout the world are studied such as 'The Chinese new year'.  The children share and explore areas to celebrate about themselves.

Birds - The children study a range of birds.  They will learn about various aspects of birds such as migration and nesting.  Reports will be written to explain what they have learnt.   They will explore their learning through various craft, art, ICT and literacy activities.

Bugs and Beasts - They will interview the Carer of the school pet guinea pigs and write follow up Recounts on her visit and Reports on their learning.  The children will learn about Responsibility and how to care for pets and other animals.  The children will study and explore mini-beasts.  Craft activities, drama and music will bring their topic alive.

School's Cool - The children will enjoy exploring and expressing various aspects of their school in great detail through art, ICT, music, drama etc.  They will also take part in a Money Enterprise in school of selling rocket lollies to all classes, working out change and coins.   'Story Sacks'  will help them to organise their Enterpise and sort roles and responsibilities to each other.   They will explore their topic further with a visit to the Old School in the Cultra Museum.  Here their learnng will be experienced and brought to life as they act in an old school setting!

A Few Reminders

In Key stage 1 children are beginning to learn in a more formal way and carryout a variety of written tasks.  While they continue their active and hands-on activities they developed in their Foundation Stage.

What to bring to school

Your child will need to bring the following things to school:

  • School bag
  • Healthy break
  • Lunch box (If your child is bringing a lunch from home)
  • PE slippers (named and in a PE bag)

Please label anything that your child brings to school

Routines in P3 

To encourage independence we would like to remind parents to leave their children lined up at 8.45am outside the classroom door. This will help the children settle into the daily routines of school life and avoids a traffic jam in the small corridor.

Children should be collected by an adult at home time at 2.00pm.

If you wish to speak to the teacher at any point please write or phone the class teacher to arrange an appointment.

Break and Dinner Money

We ask parents to send a healthy snack to school each day e.g. fruit, yoghurts, crackers, cheese etc.

Milk is £1 per week and milk money is collected on Thursday mornings to pay in advance for the next week’s milk order.

School dinners currently cost £2.60 per day. Dinner money is collected on Monday mornings.

If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals please ask Mrs McDonald at reception for a form to complete.

Useful information

Library Day - Every Monday.  Please remember to return books on a Monday. 

P.E. days / Daily Mile – Please make sure your child has a named pair of slippers for P.E.

ICT Time – Friday



Reading books reinforce learning that is taking place in school. Your child will bring home a reading book each week. Children will also bring home a library book each week. Please read and enjoy reading these books with your children.

Children will have literacy and Numeracy tasks to complete each night and a Friday Challenge to encourage them with the learning of their spellings and phonic sounds throughout the week.