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Primary 4

Dear parents and carers

Just a note to welcome you and your child to Primary 4 and let you know in advance the equipment your child will need and some information about our routines and how to prepare your child for the coming school year.

  • Mrs G McKittrick

    Primary 4 Teacher

  • Miss A Bennett

    Primary 5 Assistant

Topics This Year

In P4 your child is completing Key Stage 1 and moving onto the Key Stage 2 curriculum. They will still engage in a great deal of practical work and learning through play, but there is a greater emphasis on more formal written work and problem solving. I cover a broad range of curricular areas and hope to provide stimulating, challenging active learning experiences that your child will enjoy and engage in. We will be going on various educational trips this year including Environmental walks and a visit to the N.I war museum. In P4 we have planned six exciting topics to engage young enthusiastic minds:

  • Pirates
  • Houses & Homes
  • World War 2
  • Famous People
  • Weather
  • Space

A Few Reminders


Please ensure your child has the following items with them for each school day. Please put your child’s name on all their equipment (including bags and pencil cases) and uniform to avoid items being lost or arguments.

  • A pencil case containing:
  • 3 sharpened pencils
  • A rubber
  • A sharpener
  • 2 glue sticks

Also provide:

A sports water bottle (please only provide water to keep your child hydrated)

A healthy break, for example,  an apple, banana, grapes, carrot sticks, pear etc. (packed in school bag)

Please ensure your child’s school bag is packed every night with the books and equipment that they will need for the following school day.


Dinner money should be brought into school on a Monday in a named money bag/ envelope with the days that dinners are being taken written on it  (I can provide small plastic bags if you need them).


Ensure school uniform is worn each day including black school shoes and remember jewellery should not be worn in school. Every item of school uniform must be clearly labelled.

Daily routines

Primary 4 children will be collected each morning at 8:45 am in the main playground. Please ensure that your child arrives prompltly. We ask that children come into school indendently as it helps to settle them quickly. School finishes at 2:40pm and your child will be walked to the main playground gate to be collected or make their own way home.


Written homework is given on a Monday night to be completed and returned on Friday morning. It consists of phonics, writing sentences, handwriting practice and number work. Reading is set per reading group (please check Reading Diary for page numbers and tricky words). 


Your child will have 2 PE lessons each week. Named PE shoes should be brought into school in a named PE bag on the first day of term and kept on the child’s peg in the P4 cloakroom.
Children without proper footwear cannot take part in PE. 


I ask that children do not bring toys into school to prevent upset if they are lost or broken and avoid distraction in class. Teachers are not responsible for the safe keeping of toys.