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Pupil Code of Conduct

School Rules

Rules are to be kept to a minimum and it is our hope that pupils and parents will help to maintain the standards and behaviour expected in our school. We have outlined 3 main school rules, with the aim that most circumstances will be covered under the breadth of meaning implied.

Be Safe

Be Kind

Be Respectful


In addition to this, we have provided expectations to support day to day management within the school.



Pupils are expected to behave in a courteous, orderly manner showing consideration to others and to the community. Pupils need to be aware of these expectations consistently, including travelling to and from school. It is the responsibility of class teachers to oversee the behaviour of their own pupils but staff should intervene if necessary should behaviour be unacceptable.



School uniform provides a sense of identity and belonging and all pupils are encouraged to wear the correct uniform at all times. Pupils are expected to maintain a high standard of personal neatness and hygiene. Hairstyles should also be neat, not too short and free from patterns or lettering.



In the busy life of school, it is inappropriate for any pupil to wear an excessive amount of jewellery. In the interest of safety –

Stud earrings are allowed in school. In the instance of a pupil having recently had their ears pierced, studs are permitted throughout the healing period and afterwards, a small plain stud is more appropriate.

One plain ring only to be worn. Likewise, one plain neck chain only to be worn.

Please note, children must remove jewellery before participating in any sporting activity, including PE.



Pupils are expected to behave in such a way as not to damage the school or other’s property.

Deliberate acts of vandalism will be reported to the principal, parents/guardians of the pupil(s) involved and subsequently to the Board of Governors. Theirs will be the final decision with regard to the reimbursement for damage caused. Defacing walls, buildings, furniture, equipment, garden areas or playgrounds is forbidden and consequences will be given as deemed appropriate.

School and grounds will be kept free from litter. This means that the consumption of food and drinks is forbidden in corridors or playground areas. Valuables or large amounts of money should not be brought to school. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss or damage of personal property or property left in classrooms or cloakrooms. This includes any electrical device and all such items should be left at home.

All items of personal property should be marked with the owner’s name or an easily identifiable mark. This includes items of school uniform, etc.  



All pupils are to remain on school premises throughout the school day.

All pupils taking school meals or packed lunch must remain on the premises unless otherwise agreed.

Pupils are not permitted to leave the grounds during the school day unless a written request or recorded phone call is submitted.

Pupils granted a period of absence during the school day must be collected at the school reception by an adult, unless otherwise agreed.

Bicycles are not to be ridden through the school grounds.

In corridors, all traffic should keep left and move in single file. Running is not permitted.

The corridors are not play areas and in the interest of safety, children should not be playing outside classrooms or left in corridors unsupervised.

Toilet areas are to be treated with respect and pupils should exercise high levels of hygiene when using these.

Should the above information be misused in any way, consequences will be given accordingly.


Permission to leave classrooms

Pupils must not leave their classrooms without the permission of the class teacher. Should this occur, appropriate consequences will be given.

Groups of children (more than 2) must not leave classrooms without adult supervision.

Pupils needing to leave classrooms frequently for toileting purposes should have this information recorded by parents/guardians.


Entrance to school/class and leaving school

A bell will sound at 8:45am and children should enter the school building via designated points. Nursery – P3 children will be greeted at the outer classroom doors by a class teacher. P4-P7 children will enter via the bottom playground doors and will walk accordingly to their own classroom doors, where the teacher will greet as before.

No children should be alone on school grounds without an adult present before 8:45am.

Breakfast club is available from 8:10am and will be supervised by school staff.

After break and lunch, children are to line up accordingly on their designated playgrounds to be escorted into school by their class teachers.

Children are to be dismissed at the end of the school day by their class teachers.

Pupils from Nursery – P3 will be dismissed one by one at the classroom doors by the class teacher. Parents must be at the classroom doors for collection. No child should be released without a present parent, unless a written request has been received.

P4-P7 children will be allowed to leave from the bottom gate without an adult, however, please be mindful that some children will still be collected by their adult.



At break time, the school operates a ‘Healthy Eating’ Initiative and breaks provided from home must reflect this. Fruit, veg, yogurts, etc. are permitted as a healthy break. Chocolate, biscuits, sweets or crisps are not allowed. Children should also bring water as a drink during the school day. Fizzy drinks will not be allowed.

Behaviour going to and from the Dining Hall or Lunch Room is expected to be of a high standard at all times. Misconduct at lunchtime in the playground, Dining Hall or Lunch Room may lead to parents being asked to make alternative arrangements for the lunchtime period.


Playground Behaviour

In the interest of children’s safety and well-being in the playground, the following types of behaviour are not allowed;

Wrestling or pretend fighting

Kick boxing, kung fu, ju jitzu

Games involving pushing and shoving

Bad or abusive language

Rude gestures

As we now have new playground equipment it is vital that the safety of our pupils is paramount. Staff will supervise children at all times on the playground equipment to ensure that safe play is ongoing. Should any staff member ask a child to come away from the new playground equipment, pupils must follow instruction immediately.

If pupils are unable to follow instruction or continue to pursue dangerous play on the equipment, this may result in a temporary ban of use.