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Primary 6

Welcome to Primary Seven

As you may already know Primary 6/7 is a busy year with many varied topics, activities and trips. It would be helpful if you would take some time to consider our routines and how you can support your child at this important stage of their education.

Communication between home and school

Class Dojo is used as a means of communication between home and school. Please also feel free to make an appointment with the school secretary to speak with me to discuss any concerns that you may have or you can write a note in your child's homework diary.  

  • Mr C Darragh

    Primary 6 Teacher

  • Miss H Blair

    SEN Assistant

Topics This Year

Term 1

In the first term our main topic is 'The Victorians'.  We discover what life was like and see how the Industrial Revolution shaped and changed Britain.  The children learn to develop their research skills and write a report on a Victorian invention.   The children also investigate children at work, at school and at play in Victorian Britain and compare and contrast it with their own lives.  They also research the lives of people who tried to improve the living conditions of  children such as Lord Shaftesbury and Dr Barnardo.  The topic is enjoyed by all and the highlight is a visit to Crumlin Road Gaol when the children get to experience 'A Day in the Life of a Victorian Child Prisoner.'

Term 2

In the second term our topic is 'Needs and Wants'.  As a class we consider the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and discuss rights.  We think about and identify reasons why children around the world may be denied these rights.  We discuss the difference between rights and responsibilities.  At this time of the year, we usually choose a charity to raise funds for and we tie it in to learning about budgeting through problem solving activities. We also learn about Fair Trade and have the opportunity to sample some products. We also visit Parliament Buildings, Stormont to find out about the work of MLAs and even take part in a debate which is very enjoyable!

Term 3

In the final term our main topic is 'In the News'.   We discuss and compare how recent major events have been reported and portrayed, by examining news reports, newspaper cuttings and the C2knewsdesk.  We discuss what is in the news at school and prepare articles and present the 'school news' in a newspaper format .  We also use traditional and digital methods to search the building, maiden voyage and sinking of the Titanic.  We compare the differing reports of the sinking of the Titanic from the time. 

We also discuss the influence of the media on the life of a sports star.  We consider the positive and negative impacts the media can have on the performance of sports stars.  The children  research a chosen sporting hero and create a poster presentation about the positive aspects of their chosen sporting hero.  We tie this in to recognising ways to keep  ourselves healthy and were very lucky to participate in the Life Guards six week programme this year.

We also spend the last few weeks preparing the children for moving on to their new school.  This includes a series of SU lessons, 'It's Your Move'.    

A Few Reminders


It is extremely important that your child comes to school with all the equipment needed for that day.  Every item must be named - make labels and sellotape them on - this avoids items being lost and arguments about who owns what! Please ensure that your child brings a pencil case containing:

  • 3 sharpened HB pencils
  • a rubber
  • a sharpener
  • a glue stick
  • a ruler
  • coloured pencils
  • a highlighter pen
  • a bottle of water
  • a healthy break (packed in school bag)

It is amazing how much time can be spent looking for pencils, finding rubbers, sharpening pencils and getting a drink from the water fountain.  As we want to maximise time spent on task we would ask for your support in this matter.  Please make it part of your child's homework routine to ensure the correct equipment is packed each night.


Children can bring a healthy packed lunch or take school dinners.  Dinner money must be brought to school on a Monday morning in a named envelope with the days dinners are being taken written on it.  Dinner money is £2.60 per day.  Milk money must also be brought in on a Wednesday in a named money bag, if it is required.  Milk money is £1 per week. 


Ensure correct school uniform is worn including black school shoes and remember no jewellery should be worn in school.  Every item of school uniform must be clearly named. 

Daily Routines

School starts at 8.45am when the school bell rings.  Please ensure that your child arrives promptly.  School finishes at 2.40pm, Monday to Thursday and 2.00pm on a Friday.  Your child will enter and leave the playground from the bottom gate. 


Homework is given each night from Monday to Thursday and consists of Independent Reading, Spellings and Mental Maths.  There is also written homework, facts to learn or some research to do from Monday to Wednesday.  Homework should not take more than 40 minutes to complete.  Please sign your child's homework diary each night and make sure that it is sent in to school the next day.


Your child will have 2-3 PE lessons each week.  Named PE shoes should be brought in to school in a named PE bag and kept in the cloakroom.  Ensure that your child has a T shirt and shorts to change in to for their lessons as well as suitable footwear.  You will be informed of the days in which PE takes place.

Daily Mile

We will continue to do the Daily Mile each day this term so make sure that your child brings a coat, suitable footwear and a bottle of water.


A 'prefect' system is in operation with a specific code of conduct of acceptable behaviour or contract to follow.  Every child is given a sense of responsibility and ownership of their own behaviour and actions.  As the oldest pupils in school Primary Seven pupils set a good example to the younger children.  Their duties therefore include being a 'Buddy' for a Primary One child and a 'Playground Pal'.   

Children will address assistants with their title and surname.